It's not easy to keep yourself warm in Toronto when the temperature falls up to -30 and below. Coats and sweaters and socks and caps and jackets and mufflers, you have to be all so packed up when outdoors to avoid the extreme chilly blows of Winter but what about the time your indoors? Did you know that on average, an individual spends over 80% of his life indoors and needless it is to say, that covered up with one over the other warm cloth is very uncomfortable. It is essential to create a moderate indoor environment to feel not just the warmth to combat cold but also to feel the ultimate home comfort.
Below are 5 ways to keep yourself toasty and comfortable in Winters. Extreme Winters of Toronto ... started feeling frozen?   

1. Choose High-Efficiency Furnace

High-Efficiency Furnace

Oh no, you got it wrong. We aren't suggesting you to purchase a new Furnace when you have your Furnace working well. This is primarily for those who are seeking to purchase a new Furnace or have their Furnace too over aged to be replaced. Choose High-Efficiency Furnace to feel an incredible toasty feeling. High-Efficiency Furnaces though a bit costly save you money in long run by saving on energy bills.

2. Change/Replace Furnace filters

Furnace Filters

Since it is your Furnace which is responsible for creating the indoor warmth for you, it is important to check it's parts primarily the Filters. Dirty filters hinder the proper functioning of a Furnace. Check the condition of the filters and clean or replace them. Filters are available in cheap prices so if you're willing to save yourself the headache of washing them, replace them with newer ones.

3. Humidity Level - It's Important!

Humidifiers HD photos

Better the humidity, greater the warmth. To maintain a well moderate indoor temperature, check the indoor humidity level. If the level is above or below the required level, tune it by using quality Humidifiers. The better the humidity, the greater the warmth, the lesser the use of appliances and the lesser the bills.

4. Zoning

Smart Thermostat Photo

Using the zoning technology, only the rooms where the heat is required can be warmed and for the rest, the ducts are closed to avoid energy loss. You can enjoy better warmth in intense cold temperature by using Zoning thermostat technology.

5. Insulation

Foam bed Home Insulation

The non-insulated basement and attic cause up to 30% of heat loss. It is, therefore, important to go for insulation before the Winter begins. Have your home already insulated? Check it again for possible fixations.

Bottom Line

Keeping yourself warm while also saving energy isn't difficult. All it requires is a careful approach towards Winters and following practices suggested by experts and here you go! You can enjoy cappuccino sitting on a couch with ultimate warmth all around you. Let's once repeat:
In order to enjoy toasty winters;
2. Replace/Clean furnace filters
3. Maintain Humidity level by using Humidifiers  
4. Use Zoning Thermostats
5. Check Home Insulation

This Winter, try these tips and come back with your feedback on how did you feel like?

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