Knock Knock- It's Furnace Replacement Time!

Ah! Did you love your Furnace you just replaced? We loved ours too but had to say it a goodbye last month. Replacement has to be made in both cases, when you aren't happy with your appliance and even when you are. The only difference is, it comes later for the latter. The lifetime of a residential furnace is usually 15-20 years but if your Furnace has always kept you warm and happy by never asking for unnecessary repairs, working absolutely fine whenever you needed it and never charging you fatty bills, you must be wishing to hug it tight for a lifetime but unfortunately, this is not possible. Even if your Furnace continues to function, it is never safe to use Furnaces that are over aged and have elapsed their lifespan.
So, here we're giving some useful information on how to find out when your Furnace needs a replacement.

When to buy a new Furnace

1. The appliance lifetime is the easiest way to figure out that the time of saying a goodbye to your Furnace has come. Usually, residentials Furnaces have a lifetime of 20-25 years. In order to make a rough estimate, if you purchased your Furnace when your child was a toddler, it's the time to replace when he begins his first job after higher education. Lola? No Lola!  Though funny, never mind making the estimate like this. But if you didn't like that, better think seriously of replacement when you're done with the 15th birthday celebration of a Furnace. How cruel! It would never know what is coming after the celebration.

2. Your Furnace is too old to serve, this will start coming automatically on your energy bills. If your bills are getting fattier and fattier and fattier while you're getting thinner and thinner due to hard work and haven't increased your Furnace usability lately, then it is your Furnace telling you to not overload it. Replace a newer one.

3. Uneven heating is another indication that the Furnace Replacement is now crucial. You'll begin to sense some rooms warmer than the others. It happens because the Furnace fails to deliver even heat to the entire home due to inappropriate functioning. Consider replacement!

4. When loaded too much, your Furnace will get mad. The madness level could easily be checked if the Furnace suddenly starts to heat the home unusually and then doesn't provide the heat that is required. When that happens, your Furnace is looking for ways to either kill you with an extreme hot or with extreme cold. Before it kills you, kill it! (With an apology to those who love their Furnaces)

5. Here's the most interesting one. The Furnace actually tells you that it is old. If your Furnace is over aged and you hear banging sounds, buzzes, rattles, or just innocent hums, it is your Furnace telling you, ''Have mercy, master!''

6. Just like the Furnace makes it audible enough for you to hear its frustration, it also makes it visible when there's a need of Replacement. You'll find rust in or around the Furnace. Its parts will begin to corrode and clear cracks could be seen. Replace, Replace Replace!!!    

If you find all or any of the above-mentioned problems with your Furnace, it is the time to replace it. To make sure, call a reliable HVAC service provider to check your Furnace and suggest your an economical and durable replacement.
Replacement is a good-bye to your old Furnace and a Hello to the new one. While the goodbyes are hard to bear the welcomes are fascinating too.
So, a happy fascinating journey with your new Furnace and of course, a double tap on head to your old Furnace for serving you for so long. :)


5 mistakes - Dare not to make with your Fireplace

It is true that home comfort appliances have changed the course of comfort by providing an increased and better indoor experience compared with what was available a few decades ago. But the thing that we need not forget is; precautions need to be taken no matter how efficient, safe and secure a home comfort appliance or system is. Gas Fireplace or simply any kind of Fireplace gives tantalising warmth in Winters and is also relatively a cheaper option compared with other home comfort heating solutions but when it comes to precautions, an utmost care has to be taken with Fireplace. If you've got a fireplace at home, this article is specially for you. Read the mistakes that usually homeowners make and can result in grave consequences.

No Professional Clean Up

We know that you're good at ''Do It Yourself'' aka DIY stuff and kudos to you for that. But when it comes to risky things like the fireplace, better not try the DIY else you'll end up in danger or probably in an emergency ward sooner or later. God forbid!
In order to avoid any accidents or unhappy events, it is recommended to let a highly experienced professional do the cleaning of the fireplace before you actually start using it. Try to schedule a tune-up before the Winters begin. This is because, during the Summers, insects, dust and other pollutants get stuck to the fireplace burners, chimneys and to the inside walls of the fireplace. Igniting a dirty Fireplace will not only hinder the efficiency of the Fireplace but will also result in strange sounds, odour and other such problems that will affect the overall home comfort. So, before you begin with Winters, make not the mistake of using a dirty Fireplace without having it cleaned by a pro.  

Be careful about the size of the Fireplace mantel

Fireplace mantel is basically an ornamental facing around fireplace made merely for the purpose of decoration. Since people these days are overly conscious about keeping their interiors as spicy as possible, installing a Fireplace mantel is a good option to add some spice to the interior. There's a wide range of choices that you can choose from in order to have the Fireplace mantel of your choice but there are some good points to consider before you go for decorating your fireplace.
Consider the size of the fireplace and go for the mantel accordingly. A very thick mantel will end up giving your fireplace a dwarf look while a very thin mantel will fail to grab your guest's attention or add anything to the looks of the fireplace. So, go wisely and consult professionals before installing a fireplace with mantel.

Avoid placing combustible material near Fireplace

Some people are too irresponsible to be dealt with. The majority of the accidents that occur due to Fireplace are because of carelessness. Never ever place combustible material or any other chemicals close to the fireplace. Not even place them in cupboards above or beside the fireplace. This could be seriously dangerous. Also avoid placing clothes, rugs or other household related things near the main fireplace. Be careful and be safe!

Don't place LCDs above the Fireplace

So you saw the LCA mounted above the fireplace at a friend's house and thought to do the same? You're not the only one! LCDs mounted over the fireplace literally look cool and are getting trendy too. But once again, this could turn out to be a mistake if you don't consider the points to consider. In order to keep the screens secure, they need to be mounted with a fairly well distance from the fireplace mantel but that might bring you neck or muscle pains. And then, mounting them too close to the fireplace has not guarantee at all. This is what you'll do at your own risk. Also, this might cancel the LCD warranty.

Take care of the CO detector

With an open gas fireplace, installing a Carbon Monoxide detector becomes even more important. Remember that CO is a gadget that needs to be maintained properly else it will be of no use. If you've a CO detector installed, don't forget to check it regularly to make sure it's working fine. Better check the batteries on a monthly basis and have your inbuilt detector replaced after 5-10 years for better safety.

Bottom Line

All we could do is to give you the information that might help you live a better, secure and comfortable life. Implementing the suggestions and following the guidelines is then your responsibility if you're concerned about yourself and your family and are ready to prove yourself a responsible Canadian citizen too.

Be Safe and never hesitate to contact us for any help, questions or consultation. We're always at service.