Top 3 HVAC mistakes that homeowners make

Ignorance is not a bliss dudes especially when it is kept regarding the HVAC system. Instead of taking professional consultation, homeowners often make the mistake of randomly searching the answers of HVAC queries on the internet. It needs to be understood that not everything on the internet is a valid information and not everything said on blogs is said by HVAC professionals. There are some wrong HVAC practices that the homeowners are prone to. We're about to explain the top 3 HVAC mistakes that the homeowners make and this causes not only fatty energy bills but also cause serious problems to the very system.

Top HVAC mistakes

Most expensive is not the most suitable
So there's this thing that you can easily find on several home comfort heating and cooling blogs. They say cheap filters don't filter well so go for purchasing filters that are well above $10 since they will trap more particles more efficiently. Hey, hey! Hold on! That advice although is not a misinformation but is surely not the complete information. The complete fact is; expensive filters are no doubt efficient and clean the air better than ordinary $1 filters but there's a price for this cleaning that you'll have to pay. And the price will automatically come every month in your energy bills. Basically, expensive aka efficient filters are thicker than the normal so the air has to pass through them with relatively more force. This force is exerted by the furnace/heat pump and more energy is wasted. So yes, you breathe better but with a light pocket. Also, all systems are not suitable to afford such filters and thus cause wear and tear to the system.
So if you cannot afford hefty bills it is suggested to not go for efficient filters and instead use other natural ways to purify air i.e keeping some plants in the indoor, installing a portable air cleaner etc. Also, don't combine efficient filters with an old HVAC system. Consult professionals if you do that.

Do you shut the air vents? Why on Earth?
Another advice usually given in order to avoid energy loss is that homeowners are suggested to close vents in unused rooms. They say this will help reduce energy bills. The fact could go otherwise too. When some of the vents are closed, a lot of energy still moves up to those vents and then comes back. This disturbs the airflow and the HVAC system on the whole consequently reduces its efficiency. In addition to closing the air vents, another grave mistake that the homeowners make with their personal choice is hiding the return air vents behind sofas, curtains, chairs or any other furniture. Since air vents aren't pretty, nobody likes them. Awww sad! But even though they aren't pretty, they do a pretty good job for you i.e keep you warm in Winters and cool in the Summers. Blocking the air vents by placing furniture over them or hiding them under carpets etc affects the airflow. The enough fresh air doesn't return to the system and this once again decreases the efficiency while also fail to provide quality air.

Fan mode isn't a good idea
This is the third gravest mistake being done by hundreds of Toronto and GTA homeowners i.e keeping their thermostat on fan mode. Fan mode keeps the Air Conditioner fan running continuously. Some think this helps in maintaining a cool temperature throughout the day but the consequences of an all-time fan mode can be costly. When the thermostat is kept on fan mode and there's an enough humidity in the home, it can cause the production of moulds and treating moulds is never easy you know! So we suggest not to put your thermostat on fan mode instead use Auto mode to save energy and give your HVAC system a free will for when it needs to work.

Bottom Line
Like we just said it above, not everything that you find online is a professional's suggestion or a valid information. Trying every new thing can put you and your system in a real trouble. So a better choice is to rely on a trusted HVAC service for consultation. If you don't want to spend on professional services, it is recommended to search briefly and thoroughly so that you clearly sort the right and reliable information from the wrong one.
For HVAC consultation, sales and service information or just anything HVAC related, call us and we are always here!


Stay cool even when your AC is on repair

Most of us have the bad habit of doing things only when the need arises. There are fewer people who actually take precautionary measures or get themselves ready for the time of need. A good display of this habit is seen when people rush to have their Air Conditioners repaired when half of the Summers are already passed. HVAC professionals suggest repairing and tune up of AC's before the beginning of Summer i.e somewhere in Spring so that you're all set to give yourself cool blows when the hot season starts.
No one can stop emergencies. Your system might be well and suddenly stop working in the mid Summer. Since the HVAC technicians are extensively booked in Summers, getting a prompt repair is difficult. So, what to do if your AC is on repair?
Here are some ways to avoid the annoying heat in the Summers when you don't have your AC along.


Enjoy the natural Air Conditioner
Oh yes! The natural Air Conditioner is always there. All you need to do is to open some doors and windows partially in the day and evening. This will let a high-velocity airflow to come in and circulate in the home making the inside air cooler. Also, consider turning fans on so that the fresh outdoor air circulates in the entire rooms.

DIY hack - Water tub
Oh no no! You don't have to go and sit in the tub for an entire day or have to pour a bucket on yourself. We're talking about a different thing. If you have a whole home humidifier installed, your life would become a lot easier even without an Air Conditioner for some time. The increased level of humidity causes wetness and consequently coolness. But even if you don't have a Humidifier installed, there's something you can still do, i.e Making your own Humidifier. Oh yeah! Take a water tub and place it in the room. Turn the fan on. The air will rise and the water vapor too will slowly rise up, creating natural humidity and coolness. As long as your AC doesn't come back from a repair visit or a technician doesn't come, enjoy water tub natural humidifiers and keep yourself cool.

Everyday tips to stay cool
As said earlier, it may take several days for your AC to finally come back in working condition as the workload on technicians is high in the Summers. There are some other everyday tips that can be used to survive without an AC. Follow them and the waiting time will pass quickly;

1. Take cold water showers
2. Avoid going near stoves unnecessarily
3. ''Light is a form of energy'', remember this secondary school lesson? And energy is heat. Turn the lights off when not in use
4. Use frozen water bottles and place them on besides or on foot side of bed. This will help in spending a comfortable night
5. Turn on bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans. This will help exhaust the hot air
6. Keep the doors and windows closed during the afternoon time
7 Wear loose clothes and be concerned about the fabric they're made up of
The above mentioned little tricks and some other similar ones help a great deal in combating the hot Summers when your AC isn't available.

Oh! Heard the doorbell? Your technician has come to fix the AC. Oh yeah! Spent 2 whole days without AC and didn't' feel hot. Wonderful enough!