HVAC System - What is normal, what is not?

With an HVAC system installed at home, there are several issues that you'll have to face throughout with either the system on the whole or with a particular component of the HVAC system. Interestingly, more than half of the population in Canada has least to no knowledge about their HVAC system and about combating the common HVAC problems. It is, therefore important to shed light on the normal and abnormal HVAC behaviours for awareness and benefit of the individuals. That's what we are about to do:

Common HVAC Problems

Water Leaks


Here's what homeowners face the most and get panic right away. Water leaks can be very disturbing and exhausting particularly if you've installed the system recently. However, it needs to be understood that not all leaks are serious leaks. The sweating type effect that the condenser coil gives is a result of usual condensation process and that’s why droplets of water are found near the coil. Nothing to worry about!

Not Normal

The type of leaks that are not normal are basically the heavy leaks. Hopefully, every homeowner can differentiate between a sweating effect leaks and the leaks that produce water in excessive amount. Heavy water leaks are a symbol of some serious problem. It means some part of the system is draining improperly, is dripping or has damaged. Call professionals to check the appliance.



Other than water leaks issue, this is another issue that bothers the homeowners. Usually, Air Conditioners, Furnaces, Heat Pumps and all major heating and cooling appliances produce little to no odour. Some odours might be sensed at the beginning of the season when the appliance is restarted after a long time, however, on everyday running, there should be no odour.

Not Normal

On a routine basis, any type of odour coming from the HVAC system is a symbol indicating an issue. If burning odour is felt, there are possibilities that either some component are getting overheated or there's a wiring problem. To troubleshoot the overheating problem, shut the system off and change the filters as dirty filters are often the reason behind overheated systems. If that does not work out and the smell continues to come, call a professional to fix the issue.
Sometimes, a ‘’dirty sock’’ like smell comes from the HVAC system. It is usually an indication of mould growth in the system that might be present in drain lines, on condenser coil or system liner. Once again only a professional can help rid this situation.



Some people take HVAC noises very seriously while others give no importance to any type of HVAC noises at all. Both attitudes are wrong. There are sounds that are not worth worrying for and are system sounds while others do need to be taken seriously. The normal HVAC sounds are the very unheard intensity sounds that the components make or the sound of light air whooshes that is heard throughout the house. Nothing more!

Not Normal

If your system begins to make crackling, banging, rattling, buzzing, or banging sounds, there is something seriously wrong. Consider the problem and look for the exact component from where the noise is coming in order to fix it. Changing of filters, tightening of compressor screws, restarting of the system, resetting of the thermostat and removing any stuck items from the system often fix the abnormal noises, however, if the problem persists, you know already what you're supposed to do; call a professional.

So here it was. A small quick piece of HVAC information to better equip you with HVAC knowledge so that the next time you face an HVAC related problem, you know what it is and how to troubleshoot it. Did the article help you? Are you facing any problem with your heating and cooling appliances? Connect with us anytime and we'd be glad to help. Call:  905 822 5550