People throughout Canada use different ways for home cooling. While a majority has been using Duct Air Conditioners, the last decade has seen a massive change in the trend; The shifting from Duct Air Conditioners to Ductless Air Conditioners. And there are convincing reasons to convert to Ductless, one of which is that Ductless system helps save up to 30% on energy bills compared with Duct Air Conditioners provided that Thermostats are used.


5 benefits of Ductless Air Conditioners

1. Easy to install
Purchase a unit, make connections and mount it. That's all when it comes to Ductless/Split Air Conditioners. They are super easy to install, to replace and to relocate and thus ideal for people who keep on changing their interior settings or have to shift homes every now and then. Unlike Duct Air Conditioners, no ductwork is required for Split Air Conditioners.

2. Easy to operate
In addition to being easy to install, Ductless Air Conditioners are also easy to operate. Supported with wireless controls/remote control systems you can alter settings with a simple press of a button. It is an additional comforting feature since the same cannot be done with Duct Air Conditioners until and unless you've a Smart Wifi Thermostat to assist you for that.

3. Easy to accommodate
If you're living in small apartments, there's no way you can manage to install a Duct Air Conditioner since it necessarily requires a ductwork system and in addition a wide space for the unit accommodation provided that other conditions of unit placement are fulfilled as well. Contrary to that, no matter how small a home you have, a Split/Ductless Air Conditioner is always supported with that since all it requires is a small space somewhere on your wall. The outdoor unit as well is small enough to easily make its accommodation outside.    

4. Easy to afford
Not only in terms of initial installation but also in terms of maintenance, repair and utility bills, the Ductless/Split Air Conditioners are a far better choice compared with the Duct Air Conditioners. With large homes, where keeping the whole house conditioned using Duct system costs in extra fat energy bills, the ductless system can work best to cool only those areas where you wish to enjoy cooling i.e bedroom, drying room etc.

5. Easy to bear
Who wants comfort with a lot of noise? While the Duct Air Conditioners are a loud mouth, the Ductless are quiet and peaceful. The outdoor unit is outside and thus its noise is not disturbing. The indoor unit is quiet enough to produce only an unfelt sound. So if you've been struggling to maintain a quieter surroundings, go for Ductless the next time.

Bottom Line
We say it over and over and over again that everything has its own pros and cons and so do Duct and Ductless Air Conditioning Systems. Every home is different and so are it's heating/cooling needs. It is you who have to decide which one would work best for you keeping the needs of your home. Happy Summer!

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