One of the factors that need to be taken into consideration while purchasing an HVAC appliance (or any other appliance) is Warranty. Warranties give you the benefit of returning or replacing a product if it turns out to be faulty or collapse before the warranty time. People these days prefer purchasing appliances that offer unlimited time warranty or at least a long warranty, however, it is known by few that even warranties are conditional and not following the warranty terms nullifies the warranty. Do you know any factor that voids warranty and warranty of HVAC appliances in particular? If not, this article is for you.


Things that void HVAC warranty

Improperly installed unit
If you happen to read the appliance manual, you'll get to know that almost all HVAC appliance manufacturers require the buyer to install the appliance by a professional only. The DIY installation often voids the warranty. Read the terms and conditions at the warranty card carefully. If the warranty requires professional installation, do not try to act like a technician and end up voiding warranty.

Non-brand replacement parts
Here's an important one. Remember that every manufacturer loves its business and do not want to play at loss. While a buyer purchasing replacement parts from another manufacturer is not in the favour of the product's manufacturer, it is also not in the favour of the appliance itself. Since every product is different, using a non-brand replacement part has potential to affect the appliance's performance. It is for this reason that by the use of non-brand replacement parts, the warranty automatically loses effect which means the actual manufacturer is no longer responsible for any damage to the product anymore.

Not registering warranty
What was the last time you register a warranty? If you never did, it's probably that you are not familiar with this requirement. Not always but sometimes, HVAC manufacturers require buyers to properly register a product in order for the warranty to take effect. Make sure of all the warranty requirements when purchasing.

Annual Maintenance - A must do!
Product manufacturers cannot take responsibility of irresponsible people. Oh yes, we're referring to those type of people who purchase HVAC appliances, keep the warranty cards saved carefully but don’t take care of the appliances and then run to the manufacturers or suppliers once any problem arises. This is absurd! Having a warranty does not mean it cannot void no matter what you do. All manufacturers strictly suggest a proper maintenance of appliance for it to remain liable to warranty. At least an annual maintenance is a must particularly in the case of HVAC appliances. So here's what you need to avoid; postponing maintenance.

Bottom Line
Warranties are manufacturer's promise that if any damage occurs to the appliance in a predefined time, he will be responsible to either replace the appliance, repair it or in some cases return the money but it needs to be kept in mind that warranties are conditional, sometimes highly conditional. As said above, using non-brand replacement parts, not registering the warranty, not doing annual maintenance and not doing a professional installation, all these factors void the warranty of HVAC appliances unless a manufacturer has his own lenient terms. However, these are not the only factors that void warranty. It is, therefore, suggested to carefully read manuals and warranty cards to make sure of the terms and conditions it stands on.

Happy purchasing but be careful the next time about the warranty :)  

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