Have you been using a Manual Thermostat and now planning to convert to Programmable? Or bewildered whether or not to convert? Upgrading a Thermostat could be very confusing. Most of the times, homeowners are unaware of their own HVAC needs and thus fail to decide which Thermostat to choose. We can help you get through this confusion but before that we want you to understand that your Thermostat is basically the control centre for your whole HVAC system. It controls how comfortably the system will heat/cool your home. Any problem with this control system can disturb the efficiency and performance of the whole system. So for you, the most important advice we'd begin with is; choose carefully!

There are usually two types of Thermostats i.e Programmable and Non-Programmable. If you're planning to upgrade your Thermostat and wonder which one to choose here are 3  things to consider. Let’s do 3,2,1


3. Manual/Non-Programmable vs Programmable Thermostat?

While the market is teamed with Programmable Thermostats and this is what the latest trend as well is, we don't insist for Programmable Thermostats if a homeowner is comfortable with the version he was already using. If you've been using Manual Thermostats, were comfortable with them and think that getting along with Programmable Thermostat wouldn't be easy for you (since they are much costlier than manual) purchase the latest model of the same type of Thermostat that you were using. However, in case you want better efficiency, more saving on energy bills and are able to make a little heavier investment, put your hand on a Programmable Thermostat preferably a Smart Thermostat.

2. Check Thermostat Compatibility

Did you hear us saying that not all Duct Filters are suitable for all HVAC systems? If not, we just repeated it. Well, the same goes for Thermostats as well. Although manufacturers try to make Thermostats compatible with all different types of HVAC systems, this doesn't actually happen always. The latest technology Thermostat can certainly not work perfectly with an old style HVAC system. Before making the purchase, consult your seller or the local HVAC service provider to make sure you're purchasing the right products.

1. What features are you looking for?

An important question! So what features are you looking for? The same that your old Thermostat had or the ones that your neighbour has in his Thermostat? (which is a Wifi Thermostat by the way)
We always recommend homeowners to make a careful research before making the purchase of any HVAC appliance. If is good to explore in detail what features does a particular product offers that you're planning to purchase. And more importantly, making sure whether or not you'll be able to use those features. For instance, many people purchase 7day Programmable Thermostats (that are no doubt exceptionally cool and offer lots of features) but never actually use those features. This way, not only a lot of money is wasted in purchasing an expensive product but also no exceptional savings are made on energy bills. A loss! So make sure what features do you exactly want and what feature would you be able to bear easily with.

Bottom Line

Here go the three most important things to consider when upgrading a Thermostat. It is now your turn to put them in practice and purchase the rightest Thermostat for your home. Happy home comfort!

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