Hello, Toronto!
Enjoying Summer?
The heat waves have begun throughout Toronto and the full swing Summer is on the go. While some people are totally comfortable with this temperature in the indoors, there are yet others that are worried. And why worried? The primary reason that put homeowners into a worrisome situation in Summer is indoor discomfort and higher energy bills. Due to intense heat, the system seems to work non-efficiently while the energy bills keep on rising with every passing month.
So the question is: are there any ways to enjoy an optimal AC performance with reduced energy bills without making any compromise on comfort or investing on installing new devices?
Ummm yes! Not only is it possible, it is in fact very easily possible. Here we are mentioning some ways to help you save on cooling cost without compromising on comfort.


1. Thermostat is your friend
The thermostat can help save on energy bills to a great extent if used properly. US Department of Energy says that it is possible to save up to 15% on energy bills just by raising the temperature on Thermostat when you're away from home. It is suggested to raise the temperature 7-10 degrees when leaving home. Keeping the Air Conditioner running at this temperature not only helps protect the home from the production of mould and spores (due to increased humidity in the case of AC completely turned off) but also keep the home comfortably cool. In order to cool the home according to your needs differently at different hours, Programmable Thermostats or Smart Thermostats can also be used. While Programmable Thermostats can be used to preset a Temperature at which you want your home to be cooled before you return home, a Smart Thermostat can be used to control your HVAC system from anywhere, literally anywhere using WIFI technology.
So the most important tip is to make a careful use of Thermostat in Summers if you're seeking to save on cooling cost.

2. Fans are your best friend
Remember the time there were no Air Conditioners? What did we have then? The Fans! They're our long old fellows. While some people think fans can't help in intense hot Summer, the truth is; they can, though in combination with the AC system. Fans help give a wind chill effect and you can actually raise your Thermostat up to 4 degrees without even noticing any difference in the cooling. Here's more:
A Central Air Conditioner System costs 36 cents for 3 kilowatts per hour. Contrary to that, our best friends cost only 1 cent for 30 watts per hour. This means, there's almost a 99% difference in cost. So when you use a ceiling fan in combination with the Air Conditioner and raise the Thermostat temperature, much less energy is consumed that keep you cool equally cool but reduce the energy bills.  

3. Open/Close Windows, Doors & Vents
Hey, hold on! Who told you that closing vents in unused rooms help save energy? Na man! It overloads the system and pressurises it. Do not close vents in the unused rooms. Instead, open the doors of the rooms so that cool air circulates throughout the home. The room doors need to be kept open as much as possible so that not only the air can circulate easily but also the suction of air through return vents can be made possible without burdening the system.
Done with doors and vents, now let's talk about the windows. It is simple! Keep your windows and blinds closed in the day when there's the sun outside but open them at night and in the early morning so that fresh air can circulate through the home. This cools the home too and you can raise the temperature on your thermostat in these hours. Saving you see.

4. Did you know of "OFF peak hours"?
If not, you must have wasted hundreds of dollars on utility bills that could have been saved. There are hours of the day when electricity is being used massively. On those hours, the electricity rates are higher than the off-peak hours when the applied rates are less. While it is not possible to turn off the Air Conditioner at the peak hours to save energy, it is yet possible to use other appliances that use massive energy i.e iron, dishwasher, washing machine etc in the off-peak hours. This way, not only the energy is saved but also no compromise is made on cooling comfort.

5. No Maintenance - Higher Bills
Did you know that one of the major reasons of why people have to face fatty energy bills is the lack of appliance maintenance? Appliances that are not given proper maintenance are prone to corrosion and repair. Moreover, they fail to provide the expected efficiency. It is, therefore, better to spend on in-time maintenance than to spend on sudden repair and heavy energy bills.
Before the season begins, let your system inspected by a professional.

Bottom Line: There are several ways to save without making any compromise on comfort. All it takes is some careful practices and responsible attitude towards the home comfort heating and cooling appliances. If you've been tired of high energy bills and want to reduce them, use the above-mentioned ways and reduce energy bills up to 15%.

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