As a homeowner, one of the most important decisions that you'd make for your HVAC system is whether or not to perform a self-installation. As professionals, we recommend professional installation keeping in view the consequences of DIY installation that are reported by homeowners on a regular basis. But also realising the fact that professional installation does not always come under one's affordability and that there are people with different budgets, we do support the idea of DIY installation subject to the condition that prerequisites are not overlooked in this regard.
If you're planning to purchase or have purchased a new unit and are convinced to perform the installation yourself, here are some tips that we want you to consider in order to perform an installation that you won’t have to regret over later.

DIY AC Installation

Tip1 - ''One size fits all?'' Nope!

When it comes to Air Conditioners, the commonly heard advertisement slogan ''one size fits all'' is never true for them. Air Conditioners are of different qualities and sizes, designed by keeping in mind different sizes and requirements of homes. The most commonly made mistake is that homeowners fail to choose the right size realising not that it is not only a small AC size that can keep their home uncomfortable, a larger than required size creates, even more discomfort by making loud noises, bringing fatty energy bills and others. Therefore, it is highly recommended to either consult an HVAC professional before purchasing a new unit or make a detailed search over internet to confirm what AC size would best suit your home.

Tip2 - Make the airflow smooth and hindrance free

Alright so here's a question for you; What would happen if your plumbing and drain system has leaks? The leaks will not only affect the pressure of supplied water for everyday use, it will also cause the water to seep into the floor or walls giving way to mould and spores. Keeping it short, your system will damage your home and create more discomfort than comfort. The same is true for duct leaks. The airflow needs to be kept smooth and hindrance free for the system to work. So, while performing a DIY installation, make sure the units both indoor and outdoor are placed the right locations and the duct system is hindrance free to allow an obstacle free flow.

Tip3 - Seal it, Insulate it!

Installing the unit is not the only thing that you're supposed to do. Most homeowners forget that the home needs to be tightly packed for the Air Conditioning to take effect. Once the unit is installed whether it's a Central Air Conditioner or a Ductless Air Conditioner, make sure all the windows and doors are properly sealed. Also, if you've your home insulated and the insulation needs to be renewed, consider refilling your attic/basement whatever in order to enjoy the optimal efficiency of the newly installed unit.

Tip4 - Don't forget Ventilation

We did talk about properly sealing or insulating the home but that does not negate the importance of ventilation. Your Air Conditioner does not operate 24/7. Keep hours in which the home is allowed to breathe in some fresh air right from the outside. Keep some doors and windows that are opened during the time the Air Conditioner is off. A properly ventilated home maintains a good and healthy level of indoor air quality. So don't forget while installation that ventilation is important.

Tip -5 Cut Cost but carefully

We all love to save, do we? Yes! And when homeowners perform DIY installation, they fail to realise the fact that cutting cost by skipping some installation steps can turn out to be extremely costly. For example, some people prefer to install a new system over the old wiring which is although okay but can be damaging if the wiring was faulty and needed renewal. As HVAC professionals, our highly recommended suggestion, in this case, is to consult an HVAC tech before trying the cutting cost strategy in the process of DIY installation.

Need to have a Professional Installation?
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