Is that really possible? Really? To spend Toronto's Summer nights with approximate comfort without an Air Conditioner? Well, that sounds like a wonderful idea if it does not suggests sleeping in the open air. The open air sleeping, as you know, has its own cons and not everyone has a roof or garden to lay a bed over there. So, let's focus only on tips that can best suit everyone.
What if you don't have an Air Conditioner and Summer arrives or your Air Conditioner is gone for a repair? A lot of people think it is close to impossible for them to spend a night comfortably without an Air Conditioner in hot Summer. But guess what? It's more possible than it is impossible. There are numerous practical ways that can be adopted to maintain a fair indoor temperature even on a hot Summer night.


Tip#1 Alter your eating and cooking routines

What? How on Earth is eating and cooking related to cooling the home? Well, actually it is. When you cook, heat is produced and when you eat certain foods, your body produces the relevant effects too. While it is already hot and we're looking for cooling, shouldn't we abstain from producing more heat? When there's no Air Conditioner, better eat either cooked food from outside or eat stuff like salads, sandwiches and fruit juices. Eating such foods not only help prevent the production of heat but also lowers the temperature of the body and lets you feel less hot. Contrary to this, eating hot foods increase the temperature of the house and also of your body making you more ill-at-ease. Therefore, control! And alter your eating and cooking routines.

Tip#2 Wonders of Ventilation

There's no alternative to the natural ventilation. A natural cooling effect can be gained by depleting the indoor heat following the open door/windows strategy. At night, cool air blows and by keeping the doors or at least windows open, the indoors get a chance to have the fresh air, automatically making the indoors cooler.
Also, make use of exhaust fans to throw the indoor heat outwards.

Tip#3 Go to bed with an Ice-bed?

A killing idea? Are we suggesting you to sleep over an ice bed? Naah! You always misunderstand man. Have some positivity, please. The ice bed idea basically talks about placing ice or ice bottles in the bedroom close to the fan and bed. Take a tub and fill it with ice or if it is possible to arrange ice blocks, do it. Place that ice tub or ice blocks in front of the fan. This helps produce cooler air than usual and thus make you feel good. As a side idea, consider placing frozen water bottles at the bedsides or on the foot sides. This works similar to the ice block mechanism and helps produce a cooling effect to make you feel good and sleep tight.

Tip#4 Have a Basement? Wow!

If your home has a basement, your fan will suffice for you there. Lower portions are cooler than upper portions. And basements, they are much cooler than you could've imagined. Some people prefer shifting to the basement portion in the Summers in order to keep themselves comfortably cool without having to make an excessive use of air cooling appliances. (And this is a wonderful idea to follow by the way). Even if you don't wish to shift there completely, make adjustments to accommodate yourself there for the unlucky hours; the no Air Conditioning hours.

What other ways do you follow to keep yourself cool when there's no Air Conditioning available? Share with us.

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