Enough with the scorching Summer heat. It's time to get ready for the cool breezes of Fall and get yourself and your home ready to encounter the upcoming seasons. Let's talk in particular about the residential Furnace, the much-needed heating element that keeps your home comfortably warm during Winters. Just like nature gives you time to make up your mind for the intense cold climates after the intense hot climates by giving the time period of Fall, you should also think of giving the home comfort heating elements to enjoy this privilege and take a warm-up session in the Fall after they are done taking the long Summer rest so that they could efficiently keep you warm when the actual times of cold blows come.  
So how really to make your Furnace ready? Here are the DIY tips that will help you:

Clogged Filter - Change it!

While the Furnace was shut off, the Filters have still worn sheets and sheets of dust. Had you make the mistake of turning the Furnace on without changing the Filters, here is what will happen;
- The Furnace will fail to warm the house as desired
- The Furnace motor may burn due to putting an extra effort in blowing the air through clogged Filters
So before you make this mistake of turning your clogged filter Furnace on on a cold Fall evening, clean or replace the Filters. Here's another tip when you're replacing; Check if there's a latest Filter in the market that's compatible with your Furnace type and replace the older one with that. Using better quality Filters help clean the air more efficiently.

Blocked vents? Change the settings

As the seasons change, we make changes in the interior settings of the home. If you use a Ductless Air Conditioner in Summers, you might also place furniture, carpet or other stuff in front of the vents. But don't forget to change the setting back as the fall arrives. That is because vents that are blocked hinder the incoming and returning air and thus affect the Furnace's efficiency. Clean all the blockages and before you turn the system on, allow the vents for few days to breathe in.

Storm Windows - Try now

You might already be having Storm Windows installed at or within your windows but if you don't, it's time to have them. Storm Windows help reduce energy loss up to 50% while also increase building's comfort and the Furnace’s heating efficiency. Before the installers get too busy to be available, hire a professional now to replace/install/renovate Storm Windows for you so that you could enjoy an ultimate Autumn.
There are other benefits that the Storm Windows offer. As the name suggests they are Storm Windows, these fixtures help protect the home and the homeowners from the hazardous effects of intense storms by providing an improved protection from high winds.

Thermostat problems? Have it checked!

Since the weather of Toronto is always highly unpredictable, you never know when the weather conditions will make it impossible for you to reach a technician to have your long postponed HVAC repairs and issues solved. If you've had a hard time with your Thermostat in the Summer or the last Winters, it is the best time to have it checked by a pro otherwise the Thermostat may fail to accurately sense the temperature and would eventually fail to provide a comforting indoor environment.

Tune Up! Most important to do

It is always wise to have the systems checked up when they are restarted after a long duration. Other than dirt and debris accumulation, there are other issues that arise as the system is completely put to rest. So before you kick the back of the system, make sure it has the potential to perform as efficiently as an active horse. And for that, have the heating element; Furnace, ductwork and other HVAC components inspected by a professional.

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