Kids, compared with adults are more prone to weather changes and this necessitates that more care is taken when the climate begins to get harsher and harsher. Following some wise precautions, you can not only protect your children from getting sick but can also save the hard earned money that will otherwise get spent on appointments from the physician. They say; ''Prevention is better than cure'' and of course they say it right. Let us learn how can we keep our children safe from the monstrous effects of harsh Winters while also allowing them to enjoy the season fully.


Care with layer
You might feel irritated with a double or triple layer of warm clothes in Winters since you are an adult with better body heat, your child, nonetheless needs it. From an early age, make children used to of covering themselves up completely and fully. This is the best and easiest remedy you could do to protect them from Winter effects. However, beware to not cover small children with scarves and hood strings since they have a potential to cause accidental strangling

Safety with alarms & awareness
One major reason for house-fire in Winters is the heating elements that are, no doubt, a potential threat to the safety of home and homeowners. Whether or not you have children, install fire and carbon monoxide alarms. They will help protect you in case of an emergency situation. Also, teach your children how to evacuate in case of an emergency and to keep away from appliances that can cause harm.

Comfort with Humidity   
Often times, children find it harder than adults to enjoy a comfortable indoor environment when there's a drop in humidity. And that is especially true for infants. If you find your child suffering from breathing unease, skin irritation or simply complaining about dry air, consider installing a Whole-home Humidifier or at least a room humidifier.

Hydrated with warm drinks
In Winters, everyone in general and children, in particular, tend to drink less water. They, at the same time, are losing water through their breath. This sometimes causes dehydration that can be life-threatening. So know what your children's daily need of fluid is according to their age and keep them hydrated with warm drinks and soups etc

Skiing with helmet
While you need to make sure children are safe in the indoors, you should be equally concerned about making their outdoor activities safe. Since they love to make snowmen, do skiing and play ice-hockey, it's wonderful if you let them enjoy the Winter with a full swing but it is also important that you teach them the safety measures to enjoy without getting hurt in any way. They should have proper clothing for outdoor Winter activities which include warm clothes, snowshoes and most importantly helmet for games like skiing, ice-hockey, snowboarding and sledding etc

Bottom Line
It is by taking precautionary measures that you and your family can enjoy every season. Childhood is the best time one gets in his lifetime. Let your children make their best of the best memories in Winters by providing them with a safe and secure season through wise precautions.

What other Winter precautions do you consider for your children?  

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