While it might seem odd to find a relationship blog on an HVAC related blog, the truth is; there is a link between the two. And even if there’s not, let’s create one. We are not only concerned about your outer comfort, we are also concerned about you inner comfort that is for the majority of the times affected by relationships directly or indirectly. We are HVAC professionals secondly and yours truly friends firstly. So here we are; sharing with you today how you can utilize the extreme winter season in order to strengthen relationship issues, particularly of the familial relationships. 

Make winter the season to love more express more

There’s no denying the fact that technology has offered us with a hundred of benefits and has contributed significantly in making our lives comfortable but on the other hand, it is also true that the same technological advancement ; (or maybe its wrong use) has adversely affected human relationships. There was a time when family members would sit together to talk, communicate regarding important matters, contribute to resolving familial issues and much more. And today we are in the times of extremely busy schedule and intense hustle & bustle where even the family members don’t have time for one another. And even when they have; they are busy with their smart devices instead of getting busy with one other. One of the basic human needs according to psychologist Abraham Maslow is the relationship bond of a human with a human. While we do have so many acquaintances today; there are only a few or in some cases none, who we could really consider the people of solace and reliability just because the bonds are weak. 

If you have been having a hard time making an understanding with your spouse, are struggling with having quality time with your children or haven’t served your home in years like you once used to, peak winters is the time when you can fix all these relationship problems that bother you throughout the year. Since the extreme escalation of winters bound people to stay at homes, this homebound time can be used wonderfully. Here are a few tips that we would like you to consider;

  1. If you are an elder, reduce your use of smart devices and instead give time to your children by sitting with them, visiting their rooms, making discussions about their life affairs.
  2. It would be effective to initiate activities that would involve all members or at least the one you need to strengthen your bond with. It could be a game, some random cooking together, watching a movie or exploring old family photos.
  3. While the above mentioned is a general suggestion, the particular suggestion in order to resolve familial relationship matters is to give yourself time and contemplate on how would you repair the bond. Then use this homebound time to actually discuss the matter with the other person. Be careful to not end up worsening the matter as you have no place to go after a hot debate; it’s chilling cold outside. 
  4. Winters can be a wonderful time to learn new habits. As the schedules change altogether, some useful practices can be adopted that will keep the familial bonds stronger even after the winters have passed. For example; playing an indoor sport together at a particular time could be adopted as a habit. This will increase the time that the members will spend together while also will provide the family members with some memorable time to spend together. 
  5. Don’t forget to express love to your family. A kiss, a hug can do wonders. Winter is expressive so let it make you expressive as well.

Some other winter to do’s that will make your winters soulful

  1. Relationships are not limited to familial relationships. Extreme winter can be used to mend some long lost relationships with friends or relatives. 
  2. Think of the people you haven’t talked you in years. Make them a call 
  3. Post and home delivery services remain available even in extreme winters although with some delay. Think of some people you should express your love to; parents, grandparents, an old friend etc. Send them a gift, a handwritten card, a hand cooked dish, a hand-sewn sweater or whatever you think will please them the most
  4. Don’t forget to make the beautiful season of winter, the season of making the much-needed apologies. A sorry call, message or email will make your heart light enough to enjoy the season even more

Winter is beautiful but it does not remain beautiful when you have a sad heart and a torn soul. Make this season of Furnaces and Fireplaces the season to lit the fire of love and forgiveness by strengthening the relationships bonds. And in doing so; keep your family your priority. The best of all times is the time well spent with family.
A very happy winter!

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