Whether you are purchasing a new home or renting one, a home inspection is part of the purchase process. Every homeowner as he invests in such big deals need to make sure his home would make him feel comfortable and for this, it is important that the home is thoroughly inspected. Since common homeowners are not specialists, they can't perform the inspection on their own and it is for this reason that we have home inspectors. But did you know, oftentimes home inspectors are not specialists enough for HVAC inspection? When they perform inspection, they focus on overall medium to serious level home problems. For HVAC inspection, only a turn on/off is usually checked to see if the Air Conditioner and Furnace etc is operational. Usually, nothing more. And this does not end here. Most home inspectors are not certified and at many places, certification is not a legal requirement either. So, you never get to know how professional is the inspector and his inspection report. 

Keeping all the above-mentioned telltale in mind, another point to consider this fact;
Home inspectors often have a direct or indirect relationship with the profit in the buying/selling process. So it is never known how dishonest they might actually act in order to save them the deal and thus declare the home ''All Okay!''. Since HAVC inspection is a serious concern and taking it non seriously can cost you hundreds of dollars if any of your units stop working right after few months/weeks of purchasing the home, it is important to make some wise investment on HVAC inspection from a professional HVAC tech. We recommend not to solely rely on home inspector for HVAC inspection. 

Benefits of HVAC inspection through the third party 

You can enjoy several benefits as a result of proper and professional third-party HVAC inspection. Find some below; 
- Getting to know HVAC system flaws, you can have a discounted purchase price 
- Negotiations can be made for system replacement 
- Fixing the flaws in time lowers the possibility of high energy bills 
- Making sure the system is all well reduces risks of breakdowns and gives safer and durable operation 

What do specialised HVAC techs inspect?

Unlike the home inspectors, the specialised third-party HVAC techs inspect the following; 

- Ductwork: The tech will inspect the entire ductwork for leaks, cracks and other damages
- Refrigerant Inspection: Insufficient or leaking refrigerant will become an additional cost for you if it is not identified at the time of purchase. The HVAC tech, therefore, sees if the system has sufficient refrigerant and is free of refrigerant leaks. Also, the system is checked for what refrigerant type it is operating on. R-22 and some others have been banned. Ask the seller to either pay for the retrofit or have it done before making the sale final 
- System maintenance: And here's an important one. A specialised tech will give you an insight into how maintained the system has been kept. Proper maintenance means longer lifetime while irregular or no maintenance would mean compromised lifetime and efficiency 
- Leaks and Insulation: A third party professional HVAC tech is also capable of telling you of the major house leaks and the necessary insulation to be done 
- Additional installations: An HVAC inspector can tell you about the additional appliances that need to be installed in your new home keeping the environmental conditions under consideration while also the home's architecture and the peculiar HVAC needs of the prospective homeowners. For example, people with breathing problems of sensitivities would most probably require an Air Filtration system if it has not been installed already. You can manage to make an estimate of purchase for new appliances before finalising the purchase of the home, helping you keeping yourself within your budget range 

So, now you know what went wrong at the time of last home purchase? The next time, don't forget to call a pro for the pro's work. HVAC inspector!

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