This summer, before your Air Conditioner breaks down randomly on a very hot afternoon, inspect the necessary repairs in time. There are signs and symptoms that you can carefully look for in order to make sure whether or not your system is in need of repair. But before that; here's a quick reminder;
Many homeowners prefer to delay repairs in the hope to save some money. Remember that delaying of repairs never helps save money, it rather keeps multiplying the expense that you'll have to make when a worsened repair will be fixed. So if you are one such homeowner who has been in a habit of delaying repairs, don't continue this practice any further. Instead, look for repair needs yourself and fix them as soon as possible either with a DIY or with the help of a professional.
Here are some signs for you to inspect AC repairs;

- Compromised cooling 

You spend a whole season with your AC and you can easily tell how long does your AC take to cool the indoor. You can also tell if the cooling is not sufficient at the temperature you always set or when the cooling goes away all too quickly. This is one quick sign of AC needing repair. This could be due to leaking ducts, damaged refrigerant line or some issue with the compressor.
Please note that it is normal for the AC system to not give sufficient cooling on extremely hot days. But if the situation persists in normal temperature, you need to check where the system is ailing.

- Air flow problem  

There are two cases;
1. The airflow from all the vents is unusually light. This could suggest your unit's compressor has a problem
2. The other case is in which the air flow is different from different vents. Some rooms might be getting normally or overly cool while others getting partial or no air flow at all. This indicates a problem with the ductwork. Also, don't forget checking filters before giving a shout out to the repair tech; it is possible that your filters have problems and not the ductwork.

-Unnecessary moisture 

It is normal to have little moisture when the system is running. If small water pools are created close to the AC unit, it suggests the drain tube is blocked or broken.
Also, if the unit has icing on the refrigerant tubes, the refrigerant could be leaking. Call a professional to resolve this particular matter since this would require refilling of the refrigerant as well.

- Unusual sounds 

Banging, rattling, grinding, grating kind of sounds isn't a good sign. They usually indicate something wrong inside the unit. If you don't recognise where the sounds are coming from, better not try any DIY and contact a professional instead.

- Unusual odours 

It is normal if your system gives a stale and dusty odour when it is turned on after a whole long season. But pungent and foul smells aren't normal. They indicate burning of wire insulation. On the other hand, musty odours indicate the presence of mould in the unit or in the ductwork.

Bottom Line 

There are some repairs that are simple and can be fixed by homeowners all by themselves. But some repairs require professional assistance particularly the ones that are related to the system's inner components. But inspection is the first thing. As a homeowner, you should be able to inspect repairs well in time in order to avoid costly expenses of replacement.

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