Isn't technology creating ease for us? A lot! Remember the times when our grandparents would go to telephone booths to make calls? The advent of landline and later the emergence of mobile phones made lives amazingly simple and easy. You can make calls from anywhere to anywhere in the world without having to worry about going outside or wait in front of the calling booth for a callback. Thanks to the mobile phone technology for this ease of one-click call and message. But that's not all! Using the latest smartphone technology, there's a lot more that can be done and this time thanks to the Google Apps.
You must be wondering why are you reading this all on an HVAC blog? Well, this blog is dedicated to exploring applications that can be useful for HVAC technicians.

Smart apps for Smart HVAC technicians 

Duct Calc Elite 

When installing a ductwork, there are tens of things that need to be considered. And even professionals can forget some figures sometimes so this application is here to help. Duct Calc Elite helps with sizing. In addition to providing standard and metric units for measurements, this app helps calculate velocity, flow rate, pressure drop and duct size with a few touches. Oh yes, tap tap tap and you're done with the most accurate duct sizing.

HVAC - Refrigerant PT - A/C 

Are you one such tech who doesn't want his learning to stop while he works? Great! We have an app to help you continue widening your HVAC knowledge. HVAC - Refrigerant PT - A/C. With complete data regarding temperature, pressure, physical properties and potential hazards of around 33 refrigerants, this app also allows personalisation of settings by allowing a shift between Fahrenheit and Celcius temperatures as well as 7 pressure measurements. Imagine how much it will increase your daily learning as you look at the given information several times on a daily basis.

HVAC Flashcards 

Are you on HVAC training? We want you to complete your training certification with distinction and here's an application to help you with that. HVAC Flashcards will help you prepare for your HVAC exam. Not only can you benefit from the already made cards, you can also make your own.

HVAC Buddy 

When your buddies can't go along with you to work, HVAC Buddy will. This app helps with diagnosis and inspection of HVAC appliances and refrigerant charge. In addition, it offers airflow and TEET calculation, detailed user manual and guidelines. Complex calculations now made easy! Ranked among the best HVAC apps, this app is a must-have if you are a DIY HVAC enthusiast or a professional HVAC tech.

ESC Mobile Tech 

Who has time to keep separate notepads for different needs and then maintain them all? Now you don't have to search your customer's contact information in your mobile contacts with a mental torture because you have already forgotten his name. And now you don't have to mess up with invoices and schedules. Keep all this record in one app. Invoices, quotes, schedules as well as service history, now can be arranged and found at one place in ESC Mobile Tech app.

Are you an HVAC tech? Which of these mobile applications do you use? And how useful have they been for you?

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