Hello Canadian homeowners!
So now that we are spending the summer season and half of it has already passed, there's one reminder that we would like to make. For some people, this might turn out to be a piece of totally new information. We are going to talk about ventilation. No matter which part of the country you live in, what kind of home comfort heating and cooling appliances you use and how much you spend on keeping yourself comfortable in the indoors, everything will come down to one thing and that is; sufficient ventilation. There is no way you can enjoy comfort when there's improper ventilation. Even using the most advanced heating and cooling appliances won't suffice when there's scarcity of fresh air. So what basically is ventilation and why it is so important?

Understanding ventilation and its importance

Ventilation refers to the introduction of fresh air into a space. Your home is a space, a cavity in which you live and there's a specific quantity of air that you breathe. But as you breathe and as you perform the everyday activities, that air gets polluted and as a result, the quality of the air becomes low. It does not remain fresh and healthy. This necessitates that fresh air is introduced into your home regularly in order to replace the stale and unhealthy air with fresher and healthier one. And where do we get that supply of air? Well, thanks to the plants and trees for working as fresh air suppliers. You can open the doors and windows and there you go, fresh air in abundance.

Would it still work if I don't ventilate my home?

Oh yes, its perfectly okay, as long as you are okay with getting frequently sick, breathing stale air, experiencing headaches & fevers, receiving bucks of mould, suffering from insomnia, respiratory tract issues, skin irritations and others. Man! There's no way to comfort without keeping ventilation into the equation. So no! It would not work if you've stale and dirty indoor air and you expect comfort to surround you.

The right ventilation practices

- Natural Ventilation

Natural ventilation is one of the easiest and affordable ways to freshen your indoor air. All you have to do is open your doors and windows at the seasonally suitable timings. In winters, make use of the daytime/afternoon when the sun is bright and up high. In summers, shift to the early morning hours and the night hours when there's a light breeze. Only an hour of this circulation would suffice to bring a pack of fresh air in and replace the odd air.

- Artificial Ventilation

The architectures of homes are complex these days and many times, ventilation is not thoroughly thought about during the construction of homes which makes the homes lack proper ventilation. Also, in the apartment set up and basement portions, natural ventilation hardly gets a share. As an alternative, artificial ventilation can be used and for that, Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems can work. Built to suffice for whole-home, the HRV systems suck the indoor air and push it out while introducing the fresh outdoor air into the home. In winters, the HRV system becomes helpful in another way and that is by warming the incoming air through the heat that it extracts from the home's outgoing air. This brings warmth and fresh air together reducing the use of heating appliances.

Quick Tip

If you lack proper ventilation and always feel a stale air as you take a deep breath, bringing some plants in the indoor can help a great deal in providing with fresh and oxygenated air while also combating the indoor air pollution.
And once again, before you go, we'd like to remind you; ventilation is important! For you as well as for your home. Live long, live well!

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