Air conditioning technology is rapidly improving. We have better and far more improved air conditioning than the air conditioning Mr Willis Carrier or the people of his era had enjoyed. Almost every year, Air Conditioning brands introduce new models with better technologies used in them.

Among the technology introduced in the last one decade is that of the two-stage Air Conditioner technology. You might have heard of it before, you may also be using a two-stage air conditioner at home already but still not be aware of how exactly it functions and what makes it different from a single stage Air Conditioner. So let's help you find out;

What exactly ''two stage'' means?

The term ''two stage'' refers to the speed at which the compressor operates. Two-stage AC is an AC whose compressor can operate at two different speeds, unlike a single stage AC whose speed cannot be changed and the compressor always operate at the highest possible speed.

So what difference does this make? Well, this makes a difference to your energy bills. Your home does not always need full-speed of the AC compressor. In less hot days, it is required to lower the temperature to only a few degrees which can be done at a low speed. To fulfil this purpose, two-stage Air Conditioners help in which the two different settings of the AC compressor speed help create desirable comfort without making energy bill fatty.

Two-stage Air Conditioner and the Thermostat setting

So as you turn the AC on and it is a mild summer day; not very hot, the Air Conditioner operates at full speed (in case of single-stage Air Conditioner) and runs until the temperature goes a little up than required. And trips once the temperature has reached. On hot summer days, single-stage again poses a problem as it operates constantly until the desired temperature is reached. Later on, trips and does not turn on back until the temperature rises a few degrees than what is set on the Thermostat. Both these cases create discomfort. But in the case of two-stage Air Conditioners, the temperature never goes too up or too down. Roughly a difference of 1, 2 degrees is observed which is negligible.

Two-stage Air Conditioners and Energy Bills

As said already, two-stage Air Conditioners make a massive change in the graph of energy bills and lower the graph by helping save hundreds of dollars. The compressor does not operate at full speed and does not trip frequently. Both of these factors contribute to energy saving. Another benefit of this two-stage technology is the quietness of operation. Many people find AC operational noises disturbing. For them, two-stage technology is a wonderful solution. Lighter speed, lighter noise.

Have you heard of two-stage Air Conditioners before or are you using a two-stage Air Conditioner unit at home? What difference have you observed in comfort level as well as in energy bills with the use of two-stage Air Conditioner? Share your experience that might benefit other homeowners.

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