Does your home suffer uneven home cooling? Do you sense a temperature difference from storey to storey or room to room? Hold on! You are not alone. The problem is more frequent with older buildings or multi-storey homes. Homeowners often complain that it is always hot upstairs and cold downstairs. Some assume the reason is “sudden heat rise.” Well, it can be valid to some extent but is not always the case.
When we purchase an Air Conditioner, it is expected, the system will keep cooling all parts of home evenly. However, over time, factors like system gas, duct work problems, and dirty filters reduce the ability of AC to cool the entire part of your home evenly.
We'd help you to tackle causes that contribute to the uneven cooling along with some simple solutions.

Check air ducts for air leaks and holes:

Holes or air leaks make central air conditioner hard to work, resulting in missing or uneven air cooling around the home- meaning the air that is intended to reach a specific destination, bleeds off before it arrives. A professional inspection of the duct can help to save the problem before it gets worse. 

Control cooling with a zoning system:

Zoning system works best for those who want absolute control over cooling as the summer hits. This system is featured to control the temperature in each floor or room. It can be an expensive investment yet worth every penny.
You can hire an HVAC contractor to set up customized zones in different areas of the home. The number of zones depends upon the size and layout of the house. In general, it is the efficient and the best way to get even-cooling as summer begins to come around.

Look for blocked vents

Blocked vents and registers can be the culprit of uneven cooling. Move furniture or anything that blocks vents or registers and impede the proper circulation of air. Sometimes, build-up inside the vents can also lead to uneven cooling. You can use a vacuum with an attachment to loosen and clean the debris or dirt.

Use air vents to redirect air

You can redirect air to any area by partially closing vents of the floor. This way, air can be redirected to second-storey or any desired location. However, make sure, to never fully close the vents. 

Dirty Air filters:

Dirty air filters restrict airflow and decrease the amount of cold air. Hence, a reduced amount of cool air delivered throughout the storeys. Homeowners must clean and replace air filters twice in a year for the optimal functioning of the system. 

Add insulation in the attic:

Attic’s insulation can go a long way in serving you with two benefits: keeping the cool air inside and hot outside air out. Lack of quality insulation leaks the air and creates a noticeable temperature difference from floor to floor or sometimes room to room. There must be proper insulation with the right R-value according to the size or region of home.

Do you experience hot and cold spots in your home? How have you tried to fix those? 

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