Exploring Lennox's SL297NV & SLP98V Furnace models

Lennox is serving in the field of home comfort heating and cooling from the time your grandpa was first able to recognise a Fireplace as a toddler. To your surprise, Lennox was founded in 1897 and since then, it is winning hearts by offering world class home comfort heating and cooling solutions. With the advancement in technology, the products have become far superior than how they were back then in the 1800's and until the 90's. The 21st century advancements, has made availability of comfort easier than it ever was while also making it affordable for the vast majority. A Furnace unit, for instance is available with price range of $800 minimum and this can go on up to $2000+. We must consider this availability of the wonders of technology to people of all budget range, a good omen. In addition, the variation in features of different makes and models makes it even more ideal for individuals to choose the units according to their peculiar needs. For instance, no-noise units, variable speed units etc. And while we are talking about variations, choices, ease and affordability, we can't forget to mention Lennox; a brand with versatile variety.

This blog is dedicated to finding out the features of two latest Lennox Furnace models and establishing comparison among them.

- Signature Collection SL297NV - Variable Speed, Eco-Friendly

This unit won the 2019 sustainability award and holds the title of being the lowest gas emission unit in the market; a good choice to the people concerned about global warming. As long as the primary features are concerned; this is a variable capacity unit which also means an energy efficient unit. Officially, it holds the AFUE rating of 97.5 AFUE and is, like other Lennox products, an Energy Star product. Compared to a unit of 60 AFUE, SL297NV offers a 38% saving on energy bills annually, which becomes a $3,823 saving in 5 years. The unit is compatible with Lennox iComfort S30 Smart Thermostat which adds to the family's comfort by adapting to their temperature preferences.

When it comes to warranty, there is a limited time warranty on the heat exchanger and a 5 year limited warranty on other components (only those covered under warranty).

- Signature Collection SLP98V - The most efficient and quiet baby

The last Furnace you used must not have exceeded an AFUE of 70. But hey there! Lennox Signature Collection SLP98V comes with an AFUE rating of 98.7 and is therefore advertised by Lennox as "the most energy efficient Furnace you can buy". Compared with a 60 AFUE unit, SLP98V gives an estimated saving of 38% on heating. It as been marked as the most energy efficient (Energy Star) product of 2019.

Talking about exclusive features now. The Precise Comfort technology employed in SLP98V allows the unit to offer the exact temperature as needed and combat with the hot and cold spots completely. An exclusive feature is also its quietness. SLP98V is 10 times quieter than its competitive models of other brands. It is so quiet that you would have to look at the Thermostat to confirm if the system is running.

When it comes to warranty, this model comes with a 10-year part limited warranty (on covered parts) and a limited lifetime warranty on heat exchanger.

So fellas! Did this exploration of features open your eyes towards how smart Furnaces can become in 2020's?
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On the importance of Furnace maintenance and tune-up in Toronto

Winter time in Canada is always tough on one’s daily routine, with day-to-day chores piling up, and temperatures dropping to levels that may lead to serious injuries such as frostbite, one should keep a working furnace properly maintained and regularly checked. Hence winter furnace maintenance is one of the most important elements to your life in Toronto, especially for the fall and winter routine.

Many technicians suggest that instead of saving up to buy a brand new furnace it would be wiser to spend a small sum on service and maintenance of your existing furnace at least once a year. Such proactive steps make sure that your Furnace keeps you warm throughout the winter season without breaking down in the middle of the season when you need it the most.

In a place like Toronto, you would be using your furnace through the entire winter season as winters there can go from being relatively mild to very harsh in a matter of days if not weeks, hence maintenance for your furnace should be kept in mind around fall season. Doing regular maintenance proactively around that time would result in you using your furnace efficiently during the coldest months of the year. Moreover, the more efficient your furnace is, the less it would cost to operate on a daily basis. When its functional all day throughout the winter season it would lead to you saving up big by spring season just by operating efficiently.

Having professionals check your furnace during the fall season for maintenance is a good way of ensuring how reliable it will be during the cold winter season. There are numerous professionals that can be found all around Toronto who are available to ensure that your furnace machine is working in top shape and is ready for the winter season. As with any machine, with the passage of time, the machine is likely to breakdown which is why regular checkups should be made a habit. Routine maintenance during the fall season also leads to you having a whole season to prepare the Furnace into being used generally, testing it every other day would also add to its long term efficiency. Some issues that many people face and professionals have also noted are flaky igniters in your furnace, cracks in the combustion chamber and even blockages in utility lines. Such problems can be avoided by having an expert come by and have a thorough look at your furnace, hence it is recommended that a professional come have a look at the machines at least once every year to maintain their warranty. Regular maintenance will not only help resolve minor issues and increase efficiency but also ensure that your warranty is still valid in case you run into much larger issues down the road. Last but not the least, it will also be easier on your

pocket as compared to buying a new furnace every single time!